Mike Nelson, maker of good things

Hi! My name is Mike Nelson, and I am the designer/owner of Red Piglet.

Background: I grew up on a family farm in a small, southern Minnesota town. After high school, I studied Graphic Design at Bemidji State University in northern Minnesota. After graduation, I moved to the Twin Cities and worked as a Graphic Designer/Art Director for 10 years. My career brought me to Iowa 10 years ago. I live here with my beautiful wife and 2 sons. 

For fun, I wrestle the boys, trail run, draw, take photos of old barns and watch birds.

The Red Piglet Story: Several years ago, I woke up at 3 am with the name "Red Piglet" dancing in my head. I jumped online to see if RedPigletDotCom was available. IT WAS! After staring at the computer screen for 10 seconds in total surprise, I purchased it right then and there. 

I didn't know exactly what Red Piglet would become. I just knew that i wanted to do something that would inspire people to see their own uniqueness and worth. 

In order to help others, I knew that I would have to take action. That was a difficult task because I spent over 3 years dreaming of the possibilities, but never took action. Self-Sabotage and analysis paralysis were in full force. I was afraid of failing. I gave myself several reasons why I shouldn't launch Red Piglet. Well, our mind can be our own worst enemy sometimes. 

The constant thought of helping others get unstuck (like I was at the time) kept me up at night. It was the first thing that I thought about in the morning. I came to realize that this was a passion and a purpose that I must pursue. In May of 2013, Red  Piglet apparel was born. Join the movement to encourage uniqueness and inspire others to take action. You are worthy and unique in every way. Remember that. Peace.